BDMRC club layout



Allow minimum 0.6m (2ft) at rear for access


The layout is set in the change over period from steam to diesel and Burnbridge is a fictitious market town situated on the banks of the Burnbridge to Chedway canal, it has a small wharf and is still used as a goods interchange point.

The line was to become a secondary main line to the southwest and an interchange point for cross-country trains thus the servicing facilities, carriage/DMU sidings and turntable evolved.

Most services are of Western Region origin although there are interlopers from Southern and other regions due to the holiday traffic.


The layout is DCC run using the Digitrax system hence many locomotives with sound are present.



The layout will require 3-4 operators

Size 18ft x 7ft requiring one thirteen amp power supply.

Insurance value:- 5,000.